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Category: TF Games

Giantess Games: MazinSaga

by TheChoujinVirus As I talked in my first article about Altered Beast, I always loved the idea of fighting monsters was to become one. It’s no different than in games where you can become a giant or giantess. Whether you turn...

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The Top 10 Furry Transformation Games

For many people, “transformation” in the context of fiction calls to mind a shift in species. From fairy-tale witches turning people into frogs and Beasts to more mild transformations into anthropomorphic (anthro) animals, it’s...

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Five Monster Girl Games You Should Try

Even if they’re not directly transformation related, monster girls are extremely popular right now and do blend human and inhuman traits in a way that’s very fun if you enjoy monster or animal transformations. Not to mention...

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The Top 5 Classic Furry Games

Furry media, one of the oldest forms that have existed for a very long time. It’s not a surprise that you have furry games in this medium. While there are newer furry games in the more current gaming generations, there are a few...

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