There are more transformation games out there than ever before! From popular favorites to hidden gems, you shouldn’t miss out on any of them. So here are Team TF Gamer’s favorites. We’ll share what makes each one great, along with what kinds of TFs you can expect to see. So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the top 25 transformation games. (Warning – more than a few of these games are NSFW!)

Mice Tea by Cinnamon Switch

Mice Tea is a visual novel game set in a modern day setting following the adventures of Margaret and an unusual brand of tea. From there it sets off a cascade of events that you get to choose how they play out. While the TF content is very light in this preview of the game overall it has quite the nice little set up!

The cast of characters range are mostly early twenty somethings dealing with life in their own ways. As for the TF content of the game most of it revolves around the main character transforming into a mouse via a tea. Quite simple right? Well the tea seems to have different effects on different drinkers.

Throw in a bit of transformation of gender and a bit of shrinking and that rounds out about most of the TF found in this game. For a freely developed game it has quite a pleasant sound track and overall the art assets are quite cute! No two characters in the story look the same and all talk very distinctly from one another.

While a tad short it is only a preview of the madness that could come about later. A word of warning however, there is explicit content within this game. Almost all in sexual content but, nothing too extreme.I for one am certainly looking forward to the rest of this game and you can follow the development of this game here !

TF Card Battle by ApolloSeven

TF Card Battle in layman’s terms is a fusion of Slay the Spire and Dominion with transformation based storytelling; with very erotic imagery and gifs throughout. While the game itself is still in active development the game feels form complete; maybe tweaking card values here or there. The variety of transformation’s on display mostly have Male to Female in mind however, the transformations you can force upon your opponent and yourself is quite varied.

Rule’s are quite simple, you spend currency to buy cards to further build up your own deck to better transform and change you emeny. What cards you get however is completely up to you. If you stay towards more brainy cards you can get latter benefits and synergies to help keep your own transformation low. However if you dig in and use lust cards you can get extra draw and deck control for cheaper but, run the risk of being transformed. From there it’s all about what deck theme you pick.

Wanna turn someone into a big breasted bimbo, done. Wanna transform into a witch and cast spells on folks, done. Wanna see someone turn into a human-cow (Humcow in game) done. With such a solid base for the game to stand on it surely is on its way to be one of the better in development games out of TFgamesite . And if you would like to learn more, please click here for a more comprehensive review!

GA_Cast_19 by TheSoylentOrange

Growth Academy by The Soylent Orange

Growth Academy is a dating sim visual novel which features 6 different romanceable characters, each of which has a different “growth” factor. Choose from weight gain, muscle growth, breast expansion, ass expansion, giantess, and more.

There’s a lot of love here, in more ways than one. The game features a ton of high quality art, sound effects, character cutscenes, and more. It’s currently an unfinished extended demo, but it’s easy to tell the game is headed for great things.

Monster Hearts 2 by Avery Adler

Monster Hearts is a tabletop RPG based off of the Apocalypse ruleset. The central dynamic is secret identities and slow transformations, with characters becoming werewolves, vampires, snake folk, demons, ghouls, and other kinds of monsters. The developer has taken a lot of care to help facilitate love triangles for the players, support options for LGBTQ and poly relationships, and more.

The reason why Monster Hearts (as well as the other games by Avery Adler) really shine is that they help redefine the RPG genre beyond simply “Orc Holocaust” and into something profound. For example, she one said: “The fun/dangerous thing about game design is you can say things like ‘time doesn’t heal wounds’ and it’s not, like, an opinion. it’s a rule.” Get ready for an intense, emotional experience.

Hordes by Privateer Press

You see that picture up there? Those are Incubi, a Legion of Everblight unit and they are easily some of the best sculpted examples of bodyhorror and monstrous transformation you’ll find in any miniatures game. Legion of Everblight is one of many factions in this tabletop skirmish game. In the Hordes setting dragons are basically Lovecraftian horrors, corrupting and changing everything they touch. Followers of the dragon Everblight are all in the process of transforming into more dragon-like forms and the sculpts of the miniatures reflect this.

Other miniatures in the faction display mutations such as additional limbs, horns, vestigial wings, but the Incubi are one of the most dramatic examples. Legion isn’t the only faction with a transformation bent either, there’s also Circle Orboros which features Warpwolves and Warpborn, which are giant werewolves in a perpetual state of flux, constantly undergoing new mutations to make them even more fearsome in battle. In terms of game play this means that each turn you get to choose how the Warpwolves mutate. Circle Orboros also features the Tharn, bloodthirsty berserkers who transform into bestial giants.

In the case Kromac the Ravenous the transformation is represented by using two separate miniatures, one for his normal state and one for his transformed state. Miniatures in all of the factions have very impressive sculpts and the game is very easy to pick up and play with starter boxes existing for each faction. Privateer Press also sponsors regular events at local gaming stores to teach new players the game and provide a friendly and welcoming community. There are other tabletop games with transformation elements, but Hordes stands out for how it combines dynamic miniatures and transformation mechanics.

Vale City: Rise of the Fetish Company by Narukami92

Vale City is an RPG featuring WG and extreme body growth in general. It has an open world and tons of NPCs for an extremely immersive experience, with hours upon hours of playtime. But what sets this game apart is the amazing love that the developer, Narukami92, has shown the project.

Narukami has continuously updated the game over time, adding in new features such as new characters, areas, side quests, minigames, and more. He’s even taken the time to poll fans to see if they are happy with the content, and needless to say they overwhelmingly are. Vale City is supported by Patreon but the game itself is free for everyone.

Gaining Perspective by Geek Dragon

Gaining Perspective is a free, text-based game that focuses on weight gain. Unlike other transformation games, which often have a lighthearted tone or focus on the fantastical elements of weight gain, Gaining Perspective does its best to keep things fairly realistic. That means a dark, gritty story which can body horror and fairly unpleasant consequences. That means it is not for everyone, but it’s a true gem for a certain kind of reader who loves the dark side of gaining.

There’s multiple endings, and the developer is trying to improve the game with time. For example, originally the player was meant to be male, but then the game was updated so you could be male or female. As a game developer, I know how much an headache a seemingly small feature like that can be, so kudos to them for adding that.

Pkinad’s Prison by j8867bbw

Want an exciting game that feels like a horror genre with some exciting twists involving weight gain? Then Pkinad’s Prison is a game that meets the basis.

In the game, you play as a girl who wakes up in a strange underground dungeon as you must solve a way to survive while avoiding many odd and creative ways the game will stop you such as giant monsters to traps that will tempt you. Though the game isn’t something much of a story if you’re looking for something in depth, it makes up with its Undertale-like art style and interestingly designed enemies. What makes the game unique is that when you fail, the game shows you how you failed in some more humorous or slightly dark such as being smothered by large-bodied, or being captured by an evil fat chef and being used as an ingredient. One even has you turned into an insect servant.

It may be frustrating, but the game outright encourages you sometimes to fail to see the various endings. Also, the best thing about Pkinad’s Prison is that it’s free to download from the developer’s twitter page. If you want some comedic weight gain fun, with a hint of macabre, then you’ll enjoy Pkinad’s Prison

Nimin by Xadera

Another text game, Nimin shines because of the writing. The encounters and sex scenes are beautifully and carefully written. Xadera created Nimin on her own, writing and coding every scene. Unlike Corruption of Champions , the world of Nimin is far more peaceful and bright. There’s still plenty of humor and there are combat encounters, but overall the setting feels more welcoming and peaceful. As you explore the world you can discover new places and encounter different NPCs, some of whom give you quests to go on.

The quests are simple, unlocking different sex scenes and stories about the world. With no overarching quest there’s less of a feeling to need to progress in the game, allowing you to simply relax and travel to see what there is to see. Breast expansion, lactation, and pregnancy feature heavily in the game so if enjoy those, the game is well worth it for those aspects alone. The transformation and fetish elements are well written and vivid, which make playing a very rewarding experience and there’s enough content that the game is an excellent way to spend an afternoon. I just wish that the gameplay was more present, especially early on as starting out can be rough until you get a feel for things. Of course in the end that only makes the whole experience more rewarding.

MacGuffin’s Curse – By Brawsome

Perhaps the definition of a ‘one trick pony’ game, Or in this case ‘one trick Werewolf’, MacGuffin’s Curse is reminiscent of an app you might play on your phone to pass the time on the ‘porcelain throne’. That doesn’t make it a bad game though, quite the contrary. It’s simple but fun game design revolving around a singular premise.

Escape the room. That’s all.

Or rather that’s the goal of each new room you enter. The story dressing is you play as a somewhat bumbling thief who puts on a cursed amulet that allows you to transform into a werewolf state whenever he steps into a moon beam. Using human form you must use control panels, squeeze through gaps and swim across ponds, while in werewolf form you can push boxes, stand on buttons and dig through piles of dirt.

The game is fun and has lots of flavor text you’ll be reading twice in both forms. Definitely worth a bit of puzzling fun.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap – By Ben and Omar

This is an update of one of those old NES games that paradoxically get easier the further you get. Playing a young hero in ‘Monster Land’, Wonder Boy (or Girl if you prefer) defeats a mechanical dragon and is cursed to take the form of a fire breathing lizard. From there as you defeat boss dragons you get ‘cursed’ with the forms of a mouse, a piranha, a lion, and a hawk, eventually gaining a couple ways to shift between them.

Be forewarned, this is not a ‘great’ game. The controls feel slippery and monsters have a tendency to stun-lock you (but you can return the favor), and as stated it can be teeth grinding-ly hard with some platforming sections. If you’re going for 100% completion first save money early as gear (swords, shields, and armor) can get very expensive later. And second, don’t even think about the secret areas until you have the best armor. They lock you into one form and present the hardest enemies and platforming possible. Complete five of them though and you can buy the best sword in the game.

All in all a fun game with a nice effect to switch the sound and visuals to retro 8-bit styles whenever. Enjoyable but be prepared for a bit of ‘old school’ difficulty.

Corruption of Champions by Fenexo

Why we love it: A classic that’s been mentioned in a previous article , Fenoxo’s Corruption of Champions was the first transformation game that I ever played. There are so many different transformations in it, well written sex scenes contributed by numerous fans, and many encounters, both hostile and otherwise, to be found across the world of Mareth. The game world is fascinating and developed, and your quest to protect your village from the demons and corrupt creatures of the world is engaging.

More so, your stats are modified by the transformations you undergo and the way you chose to develop your stats has real impact on gameplay. Nothing feels tacked on or inconsequential and there’s an actual element of strategy to how you handle encounters, whether you rely on skill, strength or seduction to defeat your foes.

There are quests and subplots for you to follow as you wish and your actions have consequences, gaining you followers or unlocking new scenes and characters to meet. The followers are a great element, providing sex scenes as well as different benefits. Not to mention, with all of the different items that can change the appearance of your character there’s a fun element of strategy to getting the character that looks and plays the way you want them to.

How will you be changed by your quest?

The Pirate’s Fate by T.F. Wright and Volkenfox

How far would you be willing to go to change the world for the better, and how much would you allow the quest to change you? These are some of the questions posed by The Pirate’s Fate, a visual novel by T.F. Wright (founder of TF Gamer) and Volkenfox. It’s a genuinely epic low-fantasy story of magic, mistakes, and metamorphosis.

Like any great visual novel, it features both gripping writing that will have you pondering your actions and beautiful character models. In this case, they’re subject to a great deal of change. You see, these characters are pursuing a treasure that can transform people in body and mind. Even better, these changes are thematic: they reshape you according to your desires. You’ll see characters shifting species, beauty, muscles, fat, gender, and more!

The game weaves the changes masterfully throughout a complex story in which there are no real right answers and trying to do good usually doesn’t go as planned. The replay value on this one is very high—there are new paths to discover, and foreshadowing and hints are sprinkled throughout, along with a great deal of reactions to characters’ transformations. If you’re looking for an adventure along with your transformation, look no further than here.

You’ll get to know the cats quite well while trying to stop that.

Purrfect Date
Dating a cat? Well, it’s not that crazy if you’re turning into one yourself, is it? In this visual novel/dating sim, it turns out Cat Island, where you’ll be working as a research assistant to a renowned scientist, is hiding a lot more than a population of feral cats. For starters, they talk; and for another thing, there’s the centuries-old infection that causes you to slowly gain more and more cat features! So you’d better start working on that antidote—but the key to doing so lies in talking to and gaining the trust of the cats, and yes, you can date them.

Unlike most such games, however, the uniqueness lies in that there are multiple player characters. You will fail to prevent the transformation more than once. So you’ll have to start each segment over as a fresh researcher who has to learn about the same fate awaiting them. There’s also a significant amount of side content with interesting stories about the island to unlock. Of course, there is always the simple adorable factor of the kitties to consider, too. Seemingly a simple joke game, it’s hiding quite a bit of interesting content and is definitely worth a look!

The possibilities are (increasingly) limitless!

Press-Switch by Skeigh

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a remote that can control things other than electronics. Now imagine if you just happened to find that lying around in the street—what would you do with it?

Though the concept is a classic, what this free visual novel has going for it is the sheer volume of things you can try with it. Introducing more characters and more concepts with each update, you can use the remote to manipulate people around you by cloning them, possessing them (a major focus of the game and probably the main draw), altering their memories, and more. Although it’s under construction, with many paths ending in “to be continued”, it has a wide variety of enjoyable scenes. What makes them memorable is the realistic reactions people have (ranging from excitement to horror to calling you out for irresponsibility) to the various transformations, a nice touch that takes it beyond a simple humorous anime-style adventure and into more thoughtful territory, with paths that get downright existential.

What would you do if no one realized you weren’t who you appeared to be, or trapped in someone else’s subconscious, for instance? If you want to find out, try the game and watch this space for updates!

And there are moral complications to that kind of thing you wouldn’t believe!

Student Transfer by Emmeken, jcjace45, and kmalloc

Do you favor magic, or technology? Either way, they can have unintended consequences! Student Transfer is in many ways a sort of sister project to Press-Switch, with a very similar style, a similar but contrasting set of characters, and a very similar core concept—but this time, the choice you make at the beginning will determine which genre you’ll experience, like a classic Choose Your Own Adventure™ story. So, if you want to go for a night of RPG fun with one friend? You inherit a magic spellbook, along with its powers. As you become a wizard, you can experience such things as divination, possession, mind alteration, and (oh yes) demon summoning. Want to go help a different, more “out there” friend create crop circles for his conspiracy theories? You get another remote with incredible powers from abducting aliens. You can then try body swapping, gender swapping, mind control, and memory alteration.

The latter path, for the moment, has considerably more detail. It also has a surprisingly deep variety of variables. That said, there are some very unexpected moments in here: a slow loss of identity in one route, for example. In another path, it becomes a different genre entirely, turning into a murder mystery. Ethics gets debated quite a lot, in some sobering ways—but that’s not to say there’s not a lot of humor to be had, too. You should also see the scenarios being built by the fans and available on the TFgamessite forum. Non-canonical or even entirely unrelated scenes, they contain a lot of other, focused TFs, and ensure that you won’t get bored in the gaps between updates. While it’s under construction, it’s also entirely free and well worth a look!

Image result for changeling tale

Changeling Tale by Little Napoleon

Changling Tale is a human to anthro transformation focused visual novel. It has a series of stand-alone stories with their own unique characters and scenarios. The art is amazing, and so is the immersion factor.

Changeling Tale is an especially great TF game because it has such variety. There’s lots of different kinds of transformations and because they are stand-alone, you can play them in any order or skip the ones you don’t like. It’s technically unfinished, but several of these stand-alone scenarios are available to supporters of the developer’s Patreon.

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Tribal Hunter by eggo 21

When it comes to weight gain and inflation, most people expect some games to be not safe for work. However, I found one such game called Tribal Hunter that breaks that expectation.

Created by eggo21, creator of games like Vials of Infinity and Feed-A-Furry, Tribal Hunter has you playing as Munch, a village girl’s doll given life by a guardian spirit. He is tasked as the village’s protector from the various threats of the island such as a tribe of pig men and the different animals too.

The mechanics of the game involve inflating/fattening up Munch to make him bigger and stronger through some unique means. Eating food allows munch not only strength, but he can also deflate himself to heal injuries inflicted on his journey while using his inhale ability will enable him to get bigger temporarily or breathe fire. Slimes can inflate munch, but he can spit them out as reusable projectiles. Music and animations are impressive to look and listen.

It makes you wonder how one person could do that all by himself. Oh, and one more thing, be careful not to get Munch too big, less you want an explosive result.

Exile of Aphrodesia by Judoo

Inspired by Oregon Trail and other classic text-adventure games, Exile of Aphrodesia combines strategic resource management with hours of fun transformations and bizzare body modifications. You can expect ot enjoy human to anthro/feral, inaminate object, and much more.

What makes this game special is the sense of challenge. Like Oregon Trail, the game really makes you work through strategies for each new area. Judoo also created a multiplayer transformation game called Transformania Time.

Strive for Power by Maverik

In Strive for Power, you’re a powerful wizard who manages a team of monster girl servants who work in your mansion. You can give the girls potions and cast spells to customize your servants, transforming them in a variety of ways.

Strive for Power stands out because in addition to the huge variety of monster girls, it also has a compelling main quest and many side quests, with a rich and interactive story.

Hustle Cat by Date Nighto

Several visual novel stories usually are dating sims of various degrees, but what about those themed around cats? Or in this case, people that transform into cats? This game is Date Nighto’s Hustle Cat , a game involving romance and cats lots and lots of cats.

In the game, you play Avery Grey, a character who manages to nail themselves a job at a café called The Cat’s Paw. A café that is known for its cats and coffee but holds a secret: the people who work at the café turn into cats whenever they leave the place. The game’s professional-like art style gives a bit of a western anime vibe as you admire the backgrounds and character designs.

The Character’s themselves have likable quirks that make them attractive. Another is how the paths are created depending on who you romance. Each character can have their backstory and way (not going to spoil the game’s story). The design of the main character does make it feel like the creator wants to put you the player into the world of Hustle Cat, which isn’t bad at all.

The Underworld by Skye

The Underworld is a text-adventure TF game that includes a huge variety of transformations, including lots of human to anthro and other monster type changes. “The Underworld” is a quarantine zone for other “changed” people, and throughout the story you’ll be engaging in power plays, espionage and identity theft to keep your humanity.

The worldbuidling here is solid. The Skye created feels vivid and memorable, and the different “zones” for different types of transformations are a fantastic touch.

Image result for Austinhaney6969

The Making of a Slut by AustinHaney6969

This game is a slow-burn TG transformation that contains elements of sissification, bimbofication, bdsm and more. It’s a text adventure mainly that also makes use of some illustrations and pictures. There’s quite a lot of detail involved, with customization of outfits and habits for your character to help really create immersion.

The creator, Austin, also allows Patrons to suggest custom content for the game, meaning the fans can directly be involved in the game’s development, and at an affordable price point.

The Company by Westane

The Company is a text adventure game that also includes many works of art and photos. It focuses on gender change, mind control, and corruption. You can customize your character at the beginning of the game, and the story will adjust to match. There’s multiple routes and characters can even become pregnant throughout the story.

The development team has been extremely dedicated and transparent, with over 70 updates to the game so far, most of them adding in new content, and a schedule of planned updates for through the next 18 months. The Company is a free game, but supports of the Patreon can play the latest build before everyone else.

One nice aspect of The Company is the importance of resource management – you have to keep track of your cash, lab materials, and even birth control pills. But if you’d prefer to play the game just for fun and not worry about trying to puzzle out these things, there are also offical cheat codes you can enter to start the game with the maximum of whatever resource you’d like. This flexibility means that the puzzle experience is there for those who want it, but doesn’t get in the way of people who just want to enjoy the erotic nature of the story.

Flexible Survival by Nuku Valentine

This text-based game puts you in a ravaged city. Some kind of fast-transferring transformative plague has begun to wrack the city – what will you do to survive? This game boasts multiple different starts and modes – you could be caught outside, and already slightly transformed. Alternatively, you could have been safely in the bunker, completely safe, but your supplies are running low. In one start, you are an outside researching, moving into the quarantined city to collect information and date. But in the end, the goal for all the starts is the same – to survive until rescue can arrive. The city is now run amok with already changed people, and they are also varying degrees of friendly. You’ll be able to interact with all of them.

There are a truly staggering amount of both friendly NPCs and various enemies all willing to let you know all about their various transformations in the most intimate ways. Themes include BE, TG, Growth, Shrink, Preg, Feminization, Masculinization, Anthro/Furry, Intersex, Taurs, Ferals, Monsters, Tentacles, Fast TF

The game has a kind of roguelike feel to it. The standard start only requires you to survive a certain amount of time. You can use the transformations that can occur to you to increase your stats and thus your odds for survival, but you have to be very careful – like many of the citizens of the ruined city, you’ll start losing your sanity the more you lose your humanity. Will you survive?

*Note: This game has both single player and multiplayer (MUD) versions, and is still under development! It also comes with content restrictions – don’t want to see something? Take it out.

Which game is your favorite – and why? Let us know in the comments!