If you go onto an /r/askreddit thread with the title of “What weird fetish do you have?” there is a significant chance that you will find vore mentioned followed by responses ranging from weirded out to disgusted. It’s a fetish that exists outside of a spectrum which you can just easily fall into. Nevertheless, a couple years ago I fell into an enjoyment of vore. I didn’t fall into it as a kid because of that scene from MIB2 or from and number of cartoons. I fell into it as an adult because of a vore game.

Round beginnings

My primary fetish is for disproportionately big, round bellies. You could also substitute big for huge. My other interests of weight gain, pregnancy, and belly stuffing are all in service to my primary fetish. Being heavily involved with weightgaming I was seeking out more games with belly focused elements. My search turned to the incredibly moddable game Skyrim. I played around with Weightmorphs and a few other body mods but was unsatisfied. I turned to the vore mod for the game, Devourment. Playing around with that was fun, but it lacked depth. More over for this story i was only playing because belly.

The vore game that really took me from enjoying vore because of the belly it provides, to liking it for its own sake was Fallout 4. Not the base game of course, but Fallout 4 with a medley of mods. It was the confluence of the base vore mod by Gat, the weight gain and SSBBW mod by Coldsteelj, and Voremersion overhaul by Carreau. Voremersion just missed out being included in my Top 5 Weight Gain Games article.

Voremersion had just the right combination of customizability, context, visuals, and integration to really pique my interest. In nuclear war, they say the only winning move is not to play. The base game of Fallout 4 was the I only game to ever make me just step away to win the game. I had no desire to murder all the factions in Boston and so I stopped at playing 20 hours. It was Voremersion that made me pick the game back up and play it for another 80 hours.

Nuka Acid

A mysterious new Nuka beverage has flooded the wasteland.It’s origins are unknown, but its effects are clear. Nuka Acid is a beverage that turns people into vore predators with. One bottle is all it takes to start devouring your way through the apocalypse. From there, after a few tweaks to the mod’s settings, you’re ready to go. You’ll definitely want to look through the settings because you can really improve you experience if you do. I focus a bit on the belly in my settings because that is what i like, but you may want a different focus for your character. More details on that below.

A Closer Look

Once you have things set up you need only equip your trusty devour weapon and attack some unsuspecting raider. From their your character’s belly will expand with it’s prey. While in your stomach, your prey take damage over time and once they expire you will start to digest them. Slowly your belly with shrink back to it’s starting size. If you have Coldsteelj’s mod integrated, and you have enabled the Thicc Vore optional setting, digesting your prey will also make your character gain weight.

I think at this point it’s apparent how this mod drew me. The Thicc Vore mod is something I’ve been looking for in a game for years. It’s pretty much what I wanted Weightmorphs to be for Skyrim a couple years prior. I wanted to have a character to be able to eat and gain weight. More importantly I wanted to use the the gained weight as a reward. I get all that in the vore game mod Voremersion. It gives me weight gain, but at a restricted pace. There are only so many enemies that you can fit into your stomach at once and so you can only gain so much weight in any given period of time. That search for more monsters and raiders to consume becomes a reason to seek out that next raider camp. Loot is cool, but weight gain and bellies are cool too.

In my case the expansion become the more interesting reward than what ever treasure the raiders are hoarding. That drive and reward is what caught me and pulled me in. It was watching my character slowly grow from their predatory gluttony that has been so exciting for me. The bellies hooked me, but they dragged along their aggressive friend: vore.


Being able to literally eat through your opponents does change the gameplay quite a bit. The acid of your stomach is quick to eat through most of the mooks you come across. Sometimes however, you come stronger enemies that can survive your stomach long enough to force their way out. This opens up new strategies in the game; you can run in, swallow the badass leading your enemies and then while he struggles to escape, you kill his underlings. In some ways the game becomes easier since you can take out some enemies with extreme speed, but it does add other difficulties. For example it’s harder to take cover when you have a person in your gut. Additionally, if you have the Heavy Vore setting enabled, the more prey you have in your stomach the slower your move speed. I like that option personally, but you can turn it off in the settings.

A Bigger Picture

Part of being in an RPG is playing a character. If you like to RP in your game then the vore game mod voremersion really changes the nature of some quests and side quests…

There is something incredibly amusing and satsifying about coming into a conflict between two NPCs and simply eating them both. Such is life in the wasteland.


Ultimately though, the mod never would have affected my interests if it didn’t cater to my preexisting tastes. And oh boy does it cater.

If bellies aren’t your thing then don’t worry. As I mentioned before there is a lot of customization available to you. You can widely adjust how your character will gain weight with the optional Thicc Vore.

Don’t like the particular shapes i showed off above? There are a bunch of separate options to tweak exactly how your want your character shaped.

Alternatively if you don’t want weight gain at all, you can just choose not to enable Thicc Vore. Hell, you want just fat arms and calves? You can do that. Do oryou want a character so big that they take up the whole road? You can do that, although you’ll have a top of clipping issues. That is one flaw the mod has. When your character gets to big sizes, usually your body will start to clip through your outfit in places. This is just a result of the polygons of the models being stretched to thing. With some practice and patience you can fix the models your self using free tools, but that is a step beyond the ability of a casual modder.

Some Loose Ends

The Mod has much more than what I’ve mentioned. It includes a pred companion with her own quest line. You can try and convince friedly NPCs to let you swallow them or even to make them swallow you. When that happens, the mod includes dialog between predator and their prey. The mod even has it’s own perks to let you eat more prey at once, to regenerate as you digest, and to eat ghouls or robots. It has weapons to put enemies into a frenzy to make them eat their friends

If vore is your thing, give it a try! Even if it’s not but you like weight gain or bellies? Or maybe even just butt or breast expansion? Still give it a try, you might be surprised. You can find Voremersion and links to all the prerequisite mods here: https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=79&t=52059