FMG Life Sim by MagnusMagneto is a muscle growth game female muscle growth as the main focus of the transformations. Though that is not to say the only bit of transformation in the game. Height gain/drain, IQ gain/drain, and muscle drain are within this game. The game itself is a twine game within your web browser allowing for easy access.

The game centers around your red headed girlfriend and yourself as you both explore the wonders of muscle growth. Yes even though the game is mainly about your girlfriend growing your character can also grow to a lesser extent.

Now like many sim games there are various ways to achieve your ultimate goal of fulling your muscle growth fantasy. This can range from using science and gene therapy to help boost gains at the gym. Using magical amulets and energies to improve your girlfriend. Even some as simple as letting your girlfriend spend her free time constantly going to the gym.


The basic flow of gameplay is as follows, picking from a list of many of which take up some amount of time. You start the day at 0600 and end the day by 2400. What you do during those times is completely up to you. The resources to keep in mind for this game are primary time and money.

After all you can only go to work so many times to make money in a day, twice if you start your day with it and end the day with it. Working takes up large chunks of time but gives the most amount of money. And even there you get two choices to where you and your girlfriend work. Though you could always have you girlfriend workout or do just about anything. The choice is your own after all.

The Muscle Growth:

While most of the game is text based in design during certain progress points you can look at your girlfriend to get a picture of how she looks. All done by Ritualist on DA and various other guest artists. However pictures are not the only way to gauge the progress of your girlfriend’s transformation.

Indeed you are able to not only talk to your girlfriend but you can ask her to perform various feats of strength, engage in verbal debates, arm wrestle her, and so on. Thankfully in regards to the life sim elements you do not have to worry about feeding, dressing (completely anyway) or waiting too long for both yourself and your girlfriend to complete tasks.

Like stated before the end game is to make your girlfriend as large as possible. There is no failstate in this game nor a bad ending in that regard. Many could say this is a negative however, I feel this game is more of a toy box to allow you to test and play with both characters through the game.

Much of the enjoyment found in the game is the various different ways you can measure your girlfriends growth. Along the way allowing her to unlock more super human like feats of strength. However if there is an end game per say it would have to be the debug room. Once your girlfriend gains goddess level strength she will tell you the password.

Now, stated earlier in the article I stated how your girlfriend is not the only one growing. Indeed you can grow alongside your girlfriend allowing you to keep pace to a certain extent. Both height and muscle are available to you be it in limited quantities

Later on in the game you could allow yourself to drain muscle, brains and height for the sake of your girlfriend’s own ascent to godhood. The choice once again is always in your hands. No evil take over the world girlfriends here.

Additional Content:

Now alongside the standard mode of play, Classic as it were, you can also go into scenarios modes that change the script just a bit. The first one being True Schomo scenario, which basically makes yourself the smallest, weakest little dude around. However your girlfriend starts with a few levels of muscle unlocked and it does change up the dialogue scenes between the two.

The third mode is almost the complete opposite called the Transfer Scenario. As the name implies you get access to size and mass transferring items earlier in the game as your character starts out the biggest and largest they can be. Again both modes are optional and allow you modes different enough to be worth a try.

If there were a few negatives to point out however I will certainly say this game is a bit of a grind. Even for a twine game there is a lot of menu hopping to and from things to get things going. Also another point I found more, wanting in is the lack of written detail of various stages of muscle found throughout the game. However, even I feel this is just a nitpick in the grand scheme of things.

Parting Words:

Overall the game is fairly form complete has quite the base to stand on and provides much in the way things to do. With muscle growth games being scarce throughout Deviant Art and the internet in general FMG Sim is quite the example to follow. With so many different things to do in the game it’s no small wonder this game has been in fairly active development through the years.

Now if you would like to play the game yourself you can go ahead and follow the link here . Also if you would like to support their patreon efforts you can follow them with the link. With that I fully recommend this game to folks who enjoy female muscle growth based games. Hopefully you get as much enjoyment out of this toy box of muscle growth like I did.

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