Furry media, one of the oldest forms that have existed for a very long time. It’s not a surprise that you have furry games in this medium. While there are newer furry games in the more current gaming generations, there are a few classic furry games I’ve played or seen that have some interesting aspects of furry games out there. Since there are so many furry games out there, I’ve created a list of the top five classic furry games. Before we get started, there are a few rules to this list:

  • 1. The games here were from the 90s to early 2000s so don’t expect remakes, or modern versions of some of the games here on the list.
  • 2. The games were not based on any licensed titles (so sorry for the TMNT/ Bucky O’Hare fans who were expecting games from those.)
  • 3. The list is based on my own opinion of the games here and not taken as fact. Therefore, do not be upset if a specific title hasn’t made it to your list.

With that settled, let’s get started with our list.

5. Star Fox (SNES)

Starting out our list is the 1993 game that started on the SNES. Star Fox has you playing as the ace pilot himself Fox McCloud and his four companions: Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare, and Slippy Toad as they must defeat the forces of Andross, a mad scientist, from taking over the Lylat System and destroying the planet Corneria.

Image result for sly cooper and the thievius raccoonus
Simplistic graphics but impressive for its time

The graphics and music of the game was an impressive feat for the SNES for that era, showing off that a 3D on rail shooting game can be done on limited hardware for the time. What also made the game unique was its branching path system, which allowed players to play the game again on a different path with different enemies and different worlds. Star Fox became a cult franchise hit after its release to this day with reboots, sequels and other media cameos on Nintendo’s consoles.

4. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

Next on our list are none other than the 2002 Playstation 2 exclusive, Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. In the first game of the series, you play Sly Cooper as he must recover the pages of the Thievius Raccoonus from a group of criminals who stole the book and murdered his father. He joins forces with Shelby, a mechanical genius and Murray the muscles of the group. To make things hard, Cooper is pursued by Inspector Carmelita Fox, a police officer who is after Cooper. Just like Star Fox, it has garnered itself a cult following, but as Star Fox is more of a rail shooter, Sly Cooper incorporated a form of platforming and stealth mixed together.

This mix of two gameplay styles add an unusual combination as the game’s music changes when Cooper gets closer to enemies or swinging his weapon. Sly Cooper also incorporates some exciting mini-games such as a rhythm game when fighting the boss Ms. Ruby. Sly Cooper’s mix of two genres has perked my interest in the series, even though I don’t own a PlayStation 2.


Before you had Yooka-Laylee, you had the original duo that debuted on the Nintendo 64 in 1998 called Banjo-Kazooie. This Bird and Bear duo must enter the lair of the witch Gruntilda to rescue Banjo’s sister Tooty from having her beauty stolen by the said witch. Throughout the entire game and its sprawling levels, you encounter some colorful folk such as the Jinjos or Mumbo-Jumbo that will either help you on your quest as you collect various music notes and Jiggy Pieces to get to the big bad witch herself.

Banjo-Kazooie also has various moves and transformations for the bear and bird duo to use along their quests. From rugged mountains, through even the four seasons ensures that your adventuring through this game can be one hell of a challenge.

2. Sonic the Hedgehog

Moving along at the speed of sound is none other than the fastest thing alive and Sega’s biggest mascot since 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog . The simple game that has you playing the blue blur himself has you traveling through several zones gathering rings while rescuing captured animals from the evil Dr.Robotnik and his army of robotic creations called the Badniks.

Though this game doesn’t introduce us to Sonic’s future allies such as Miles “Tails” Prowler, the gameplay has Sonic running across loops, jumping over spikes and lava pits, even evading water traps and crushing pistons. Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the older games that has garnered a large fan base. When it comes to renown and fun and a mascot that has me remembering about Sega, I know that title goes to Sonic.

Honorable Mentions

before we reach our number one game on our list, I’ve found a few honorable mentions that were hard to put on the list….

Parappa the Rapper

Who says furries can’t rap? Sony’s 1997 Parappa the Rapper says otherwise. Playing the main character, Parappa, this rhythm-based game where you must time your button presses and progress through Parappa’s odd but funny life as he must do things such as learning to sell at a flea market, passing a driving test, and humorously entering a rap battle over who should use the bathroom. With it’s Paper Mario-like levels and its comedic rapping, you gotta believe that this game deserves some recognition.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day

That advisory isn’t kidding

Another old game of the N64 era and a very not safe for work game. Conker’s Bad Fur Day throws everything adult, crass, rude, and vulgar into this comedic game to a great surprise. Playing all over the place and humorously starting out with our protagonist, Conker, waking up hungover and wondering what he just did. All while dealing with everything from killer bees, Nazi Teddy Bears (you heard me), an evil weasel doctor who thinks our squirrel is the answer to fixing a table, even breaking into a bank Matrix style. Conker’s Bad Fur Day is one such game that is a big surprise to be found on a console that is a family friendly game console that is the Nintendo 64.

Donkey Kong Country

Swinging in onto the list is the King of Swing’s first game series outside of the old Nintendo arcade games. Released in 1994, Donkey Kong Country has you playing the main character Donkey Kong and his sidekick Diddy as they must travel through DK Island salvaging his precious banana hoard from the vile clutches of King K. Rool and his diabolical Kremlings. Helping DK travel through the hazards of his own island are DK’s animal buddies such as Rambi the Rhino. Donkey Kong Country is one such game that I grew fond of as a kid.

1. Crash Bandicoot

Nintendo had furry games like Donkey Kong and Sega had their mascot Sonic the Hedgehog. Sony in 1996 released their answer a furry game, and his name is Crash Bandicoot . This Wumba fruit munching character was the failed experiment of the evil Dr. Neo Cortex (seriously, what is with evil scientists and furries?) in an attempt of creating an army of super mutant animals. When Crash was considered a failure, they began to prepare to experiment on Crash’s girlfriend Tawna.

Crash must not only go through those pitfalls and hazards on his journey but also deal with Cortex’s mutant animals such as Koala Kong and Ripper Roo. The game has many challenges that can make some people frustrated, still lasts even to this day.

That is my top five classic furry games, and don’t worry if your game didn’t make the cut. Maybe next list you might see your favorite game on it.