Even if they’re not directly transformation related, monster girls are extremely popular right now and do blend human and inhuman traits in a way that’s very fun if you enjoy monster or animal transformations. Not to mention that there’s so many of them out there that it’s easy to find one where both the art style and gameplay that appeal to you. Here are five games, in no particular order, that showcase just a small sampling of what’s out there:

Monster Girl Quest:

No list of monster girl games would be complete without mentioning Monster Girl Quest. Published by Torotoro Resistance, Monster Girl Quest is actually a series of games and is probably the best known set of monster girl games out there. You play as Luka, the hero who must defeat the Monster Lord, in a world inhabited by monster girls who prey upon human men. It’s an erotic game so the game is quite clear that this means that the monster girls gain sustenance from human semen and will stop at nothing to obtain it. There’s an enormous variety of monster girls and equally varied sex scenes when you lose to them. These are losses though and the game puts emphasis on that and a considerable number of them end in vore. There’s an option when you start your game to skip the vore scenes, but it’s quite obvious that the creator is very fond of the fetish.

In terms of game play it’s halfway between a visual novel and a JRPG, with the JRPG elements being quite difficult. It’s best to approach each monster girl as though it’s a boss battle and be ready to lose until you figure out the way to defeat her – the anglerfish girl especially has a reputation for being difficult. You’re not going to beat every fight your first time though. If you’re just interested in playing for the awesomely drawn erotic scenes then using a guide is recommended. The art of this series is definitely worth mentioning. Drawn by several different well-known monster girl artists the style is diverse but uniformly high quality. Because of the different artists the monster girls themselves range from mostly human to decidedly inhuman and monstrous in appearance, which keeps things interesting visually. The games themselves can be quite long thanks to the variety of dialogue options and the amount of effort it can take to get past some of the more difficult monster girls. Depending on the game you’re can be looking at ten plus hours of gameplay with the later games being longer. Of course this isn’t a bad thing as you’re definitely getting your money’s worth if you enjoy this series.

Forest of Blue Skin

Created by Zell23 , whose blog is unfortunately in Japanese, Forest of Blue Skin is an erotic game that features dozens of monster girls that you must defeat to progress through the game. There’s more to fighting them than simple hack-and-slash combat though, if you figure out the right way to defeat them you ‘capture’ them so that you can view any of their sex scenes at any time. The gameplay is best described as of the ‘Metroidvania’ style, with all that entails. It can take a lot of time, timing and thinking to figure out how to defeat the different monster girls the correct way to capture them, making for very engaging gameplay. There are many different zones in the game, each with different types of monster girls you can find there. True to the game’s Metroidvania play style, it’s necessary to defeat bosses or specific monster girls to get pickups to progress, but the challenge is a large part of the fun.

The game itself is a work in progress with new monster girls added regularly and the different zones being expanded on, as a result there are some zones that feel more complete than others. The sex scenes are fun and varied and the pixel art style is delightfully cute. Forest of Blue Skin is published in Japanese, but there is an English translation now, though since it’s quite light on story and text if you play it in the original Japanese you’re not missing much, if anything.

Forest of Blue Skin can be downloaded here for free if you want to give it a try.

Monster Girl Island:

Created by Redamz, whose Patreon can be found here , Monster Girl island stands out on this list by being a fully 3D, CG, animated sex game, as opposed to being illustrated or using pixel art. The animation is smooth and very well done. The setting and girls immersive and very pleasing to the eye, if you like the art style. Of course, as with all the games on this list, your mileage may vary there.

You play as a human guy on an island inhabited by monster girls. There are more than twenty monster girls that you can interact with, of over a dozen different types. So there’s plenty of variety as well as replay value if you’re a completionist and want to get every possible scene with every possible girl. Unlike other entries on this list it’s rather light in terms of actual gameplay, mostly consisting of dialogue with the island’s inhabitants and fetch quests. The creator describes it as “a 3D experience with monster girls, lewd and some gameplay” which is an excellent way of putting it. There are no bad ends or fail states.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, especially if you just want a nice, relaxing chance to romance and have sex with some monster girls.

One possible downside is that the game itself isn’t done yet. It’s being worked on at a fair pace with new content being added regularly, but it’s still a work in progress at this time.


Available on steam, this Metroidvania style game is great if you’re looking for a challenge. Knowing when to attack, when to dodge and being able to recognize the attack patterns of bosses is vital to defeating them. Timing is critical during the boss fights, which are challenging enough to make game play alone a very rewarding experience. There are several different difficulty options, letting you chose one that best matches your level of confidence, though being a Metroidvania style game means that difficulty is subjective. The bright, colorful pixel art style makes for a visually enjoyable, if somewhat short, experience and of course there are plenty of monster girls for you to fight and have sex with.

The one issue is that the controls are what I would describe as Japanese style and as a result there’s a bit of a learning curve. Once you get the hang of them they’re not a problem, but they’re not very intuitive. Oh, and it’s worth repeating that the bosses are hard – this isn’t the game for you’re looking for a game that’s simply erotica with little challenge to getting it.

Princess & Conquest:

With this game it’s very much a case of you come for the monster girl porn and end up staying for the surprisingly deep and challenging game play. There are times when it feels like you’re playing an old JRPG. You play as a knight, who goes out questing and can interact with different the different princesses of the game world, most of whom are different kinds of monster girls, earning the chance to have sex scenes with them or even have them join your adventuring party. The different princesses have different stats and abilities and can be equipped with weapons, armor and costumes that effect gameplay in and out of battle and there are many different ways to get their scenes or have them join you on your quest. The sex scenes and art style are amazing, there are so many of them and so many different appearances for each of the different princesses, meaning that each time you play it’s a surprise to see what you get. Add to that the game’s wonderful, often irreverent, sense of humor and you have a game where it’s easy to spend hours engrossed in an enjoyable fantasy world of monster girl princesses.

The relationship mechanics are quite deep, not just between the princesses you’re pursuing the affections of, but between the different kingdoms. Relationships can improve or deteriorate between the different kingdoms with wars being declared and kingdoms conquered creating the feel of a living and dynamic world. When this happens you can chose to help one side or another with who wins and loses changing the princesses that you’re able to interact with. There’s also a progeny system where you can have children with the different princesses and those children will have different stats and appearances, giving the game elements of a breeding sim as well.

The game is a work in progress, constantly being updated with new content added regularly.