About Us

T.F. Wright is the author of 50 transformation-themed short stories on Amazon and is the co-creator of the visual novel The Pirate’s Fate. He is currently working on his next game, Wicked Willow .

Juxtaterrestrial is the author of a popular belly focused mod for the game Fetish Master, the author of a 50+ part short story series on Deviantart , and the global moderator for Weight Gaming . He is currently splitting his time between writing for mods, short stories, and a non-fetish fantasy romance novel.

Conrad is an author of some content for Nuku’s Flexible Survival and has written other TF-based content, both adult and non-adult, on a variety of websites. He is also a frequent purveyor of a variety of TF Games, and so has both player and writer experience.

TheChoujinVirus is a casual writer of some stories found on FurAffinity and Deviantart . Is familiar with TF-based media such as video games and movies (particularly horror based), therefore is familiar with the theme of transformation.

Occam is a hobbyist transformation writer on Furaffinity . He has a longstanding familiarity with a wide variety of TF across multiple media, and hopes to someday release games and novels of his own.

Pan is a casual writer of adult stories over at Furaffinity . They have approximate knowledge of many things and aspires to one day write a series of niche fantasy novels. They appreciate transformation in all forms of media.

Silex is a casual writer and gamer with an interest in all things TF and body horror related. She enjoys a variety of tabletop miniature games as well as pen and paper RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons.

Meepes causally writing since they started in the community around 2010 http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kamquat009/ does many stories in regards to weight gain, muscle growth and transformation thrown in for good measure. Also may like cookies a tad bit.

TomAlchemist is a minor writer and heavy reader of transformation literature, primarily with regards to weight gain.  He is a strong believer in modding games and hopes to eventually develop his own mods for the games he loves.


What is the goal of TF Gamer?

To provide expert opinion and special opportunities for people who love TF games.

What’s so great about expert opinion?

In addition to informed reviews, we’ll also teach out about games themselves.

I’m a game developer, so I’ll also provide insight on the process of writing, coding, and fundraising for games. I’ll also have exclusive interviews artists, voice over talents, and more. We’ll give you the tools and confidence to help make your own projects.

What about the special opportunities you mentioned?

Here’s a good example: In my “Free TF Games” article (link goes here), I talk about the the best places to find completely free games, and I also discuss the ways free games are supported by Patreon. I identify two different games in which the creator allows for Patrons to request content inside the game… for just $25! A custom scene in a game for such a small amount is amazing and is far more generous than many other developers.

How can users contribute to the site?

Beyond spreading the word, if you are interested in contributing your insight, we are still looking to add more writers! You can fill out an application here .

Will you make a database or master list for everything covered?

Yes. We’re going to organize the different types of content by tag. On my old website, I had a system where you search by tag combination, we’ll look into that as well.

Do you have a Patreon/Paypal/etc?

N ot currently, but we may set up something like that in the future.

Will you cover [X] topic that’s only somewhat related to transformation specifically?

Yes. We’re interested in covering lots of different kinds of genres, even if transformation is not the exclusive focus. Bimbo games, vore games, and giantess games, for example, are not exclusively about transformations but can certainly have a transformative element. And even if they don’t, we might consider reviewing them anyway.

I have a game to show you, how do I submit suggestions?

You can contact us via (email here)

Is this site NSFW? Is there a filter if I only want to review SFW games?

We will have a tag system for that later on.

Will you include how to install mods/add-ons for any relevant articles?

We probably won’t review mods that don’t come with instructions on how install them.

What about TF fan fiction, or fan series, related to specific games? Will that be covered?

Yes, we’ll try to cover everything that’s connected.

I want to advertise on your site, is that possible?

Yes. Please contact us via (email here.)

Do you accept review copies?

Yes. Please contact us via (email here.)