Few things can be more enticing than playing a game built around one of your fetishes. Here are 5 weight gain games you should definitely give a try if you haven’t already.

Vale city

In Vale City you play as a party of young women taking a summer vacation to the titular Vale-City. Leadership of the metropolis is decided by fetishistic combat. Your characters come to the city knowing this and make it their goal to win the belly fighting tournament and become leaders of the city. The story in the game is pretty lightweight and only really serves to justify the existence of a belly fighting tournament.

The game is essentially an RPG maker, Final Fantasy style rpg complete with two rows of characters taking turns to politely punch at one another. Or in this case, waggle their expanded body parts at each other. Where the game breaks the mold is that you gain experience not by beating opponents, but by eating food. Eating gives you Belly Points at the expense of Hunger points. As your BP increases, your character gets fatter up to a limit determined by their level. Higher BP levels also give you a malus to action speed but a buff to defence. Most importantly, BP can be Spent as a form of mana to use more powerful abilities.

Most fights end up with getting your characters well fed, then using their newly fattened assets to beat up your enemies. The real challenge in the game is the things that happen in between battles. The tournament takes place during the summer, and so you only have until the end of summer to progress enough to beat the boss. To get ready for that fight you have to earn money to buy food as well as explore to find helpful equipment, and acquire other abilities to help in your mission. My one warning is that the writing is done by a non native english speaker and it shows. If that’s something that might throw you off, then maybe give this one a miss, but otherwise you should give it a try here .

Eat the Dungeon

Eat the dungeon is a simplistic RPG. You have a party of adventurers with a goal to defeat all the presented monsters as quick as possible. You do that by matching your adventure’s attack types and favorite foods to the corresponding enemies weaknesses. Attacking puts that adventurer on cooldown, fills up and visually inflates their stomach. Every character slowly digests and turns food into fat, increasing their cooldown while also making them visually fatter. Weight is a trade off. It slows you down but can be spent after battle to raise the stats of your party.

The gameplay is very simple, but has a lot of room for skill and strategy. It is easy to pick up the basics but it is definitely a game that will take time to master. With your goal being to clear levels as quick as possible, the game become a frantic race to consume all of your enemies. You can play it free on the creator’s website here . And you can check out other top free TF games here .

Penelope’s Christmas

Penelope’s Christmas is my favorite game to come out of Weight Gaming’s 2018 Fat Fortnight game jam. It is definitely the lightest in terms of gameplay on this list. Really it’s more of a visual novel, but what it lacks in mechanics it makes up for in ambience, polish, and cuteness. Since it is short, I won’t spoil what it is about. You should just play it to find out. The game is cozy to a sickening degree. Penelope is a delight. The art style, while simplistic, harkens back to the pixel art of old point and click adventure games. On top of this, the handcrafted music immediately makes you feel like your back at home on Christmas Eve. All it needs is the scent of an evergreen candle and a candy cane to complete the feeling. After loading up the game again for this article, the music immediately floods me with nostalgia. You can get the game here .

The Currently Unnamed Stuffing RPG

Don’t let the name fool you, even without an actual name this project has a ton of content. It is an RPG maker game with a guiding creative principle of “how can I make this character get fat?”. The actual combat is mostly unremarkable, but the game does a great job of living up to its guiding phrase. Most of the female NPCs have some scene or quest with weight gain as a final result or reward. Additionally there is plenty of weight gain content along the main quest for the main characters. I wasn’t joking earlier when I said there was a lot of content. There is eating contests, feeding fetch quests, gratuitous fat related bad ends and more. The game even has an area for oyu to specifically see the bad ends to missed because of all the custom sprite work they have in them. The game is still in development but trust me, you can play for hours and still not exhaust everything there is. Plus as you finish story events, you can backtrack for even more weight gain related content. You can play the current extent of the game here .

Super Fatty RPG

Super Fatty RPG is a gift of a game. It’s built on an older version of RPG maker but has completely unique custom assets. This game has style . You are dead. The details of your previous life are gone and you are now disembodied soul working their way through the afterlife. Early on, through an oozing payphone, a mysterious person gives you leg up in your post corporeality. From then on your quest is to pay of your debt to him by gaining and sacrificing weight for him. The game has a heavy focus on both weight gain and vore. Progressions is gated through tokens that you earn from helping other souls in the afterlife. You trade these tokens into a mysterious payphone to increase your max weight cap, so you can advance into areas with tougher monsters. The word is so wonderfully dark and whimsical and you shouldn’t miss out on playing it. Check it out here . And check out Altered Beast if you are up for another great TF game with a dark story.