The best TG TF Card Game?

Oh boy, maybe you should not have taken that drink from that lady of the night. Waking up from a sudden bout of drinking you are thrusted into the world of transformation, debauchery and with the very real risk of losing yourself. While the setup for this game is something many transformation fans have heard many a time, the game itself is something wholly original in regards Transformation based games .

TF Card Battle, made by the user ApolloSeven on TF Gamesite is a free to play browser based indie deck building card game; in the same vein of Dominion, Star Realms and so on. However unlike those games where you have to gather a group of friends around a table, this game is simply against a AI that can be set to various levels of difficulty. The main objective of the game is to transform your opponent before he transforms you, simple no? What adds complexity to the game itself is the various ways to inflict transformations upon the different foes you face. Though currently there is no way to choose what transformations your AI opponent goes through within any of the modes.

TF Deck Building Basics

Speaking of the game, lets go over a brief overview of the game for those not familiar with deck building games. When you start your game, in Story Mode for example case, you are given a story bit and a page of tutorial before being thrusted into your first game. From there you will notice cards with a brain symbol and cards with a TF symbol. Brain, and other cards to that effect, is a currency card that allows you to buy more cards from a buy pile for your base deck; in turn allowing you to either manipulate it or throw out stronger transformation cards. While TF cards allow you to increase the level of your random opponent till they hit max TF, in the case of the first battle 75 but, in later battles its 100. Though, as the TF levels are pushed against you two, that is when more arguably stronger cards become known to you two. Thus the game can be a balancing act of allowing yourself to become just transformed enough to gain access to powerful cards, while not going over your own limit.

Honestly I can’t tell you the amount of time I have spent testing out each level of transformation and how different cards react to other cards in your deck. For example there are certain brain cards that become, nerfed if you begin to put lust (Heart symbol Cards) into your deck. There are cards that allow you to reset the buy pile, and draw more cards from you deck; even cards to help your shield yourself from your foe’s TF cards. However the bread and butter of the game is the varied TF cards theme battles you can choose from. As of version .55 of the game there are 7 different transformation themes to choose from. These being Bimbo, Maid Humcow, Futanari, Schoolgirl, Sissy and Animal Girl; with more being planned later down the line. Each of these deck themes come with their own gameplay mechanics to add both pros and cons to each theme. For example, one of my personal favorites, the Humcow gains access to cards that allow their breast size to be increased and effect other cards. Each deck theme has its own mechanics to explore and play with and allowing for further experimentation.

Transform as you Play

Now I have been going on length about the gameplay but, how are they actually depicted in the game itself. Well mainly through 3D character stills placed on each side of the game board. As each character goes above a multiple time ten, their image changes to reflect their status. Also depending on which theme deck you are running will change your character’s own transformation usually starting about the 30 point mark. Though each card paid card can have a mini gif that plays out, many of are porn gifs so viewer discretion be advised; while others have a caption from the character your playing with being  Most if not all of the transformation within the game is male to female transformation with heavy mental transformations depending on which deck themes you go with. While you can not control what your AI opponent their transformations tend to favor the male to female transformation scheme as well; though with sprinklings of ladies being transformed as well. Though at the moment Story Mode stops about after the boss battle, which I will not spoil, allowing you to simply keep playing to your heart’s content.

Though this is not to say the other modes are slouches either. Classic mode allows you to play a round of the game straight away with any TF you want to do. Sandbox is your training mode allowing you to set both you and your opponents stats, just like a fighting game. Finally Endless Mode allows you to take your deck along a gauntlet of games until you finally lose in the end. These extra modes allow not only for more play time but, allowing you to better test out other cards combos, TFs and so on.

The Verdict

TF Card Battle is quite the little indie game overall, while many of its assets are used stock photos, porn, and 3D stills the gameplay itself is above all else quite enjoyable. However with a solid base of a good deck building game, and great concepts I do say this is one of those games worthy of your attention. If you would like to support this creator you can follow their progress on TFgamesite , or their Patreon for those willing to pledge and support their game. And if you’re willing to spend $25, there are several other free TF games that have amazing Patreon rewards.

Disclaimer : I am not paid by the creator of the game, nor am I a patreon supporter of their game. Opinions expressed are mine as a player of the game.